Nothing feels better than supports and attentions from all of you readers. Please contact me if you have questions, opinions, comments, or even criticisms. Feel free to mail me anytime and it would be a pleasure for me to respond as soon as I can.

[ MAIL ] –

[ TWITTER ] – @PradnyaCinantya (here)

[ INSTAGRAM ] – @cinantya (here)

[ PINTEREST ] – MissPonta (here)


For fellow independent fashion bloggers, befriend me on IFB and follow my blog on Bloglovin’ too (click the logo, please)





I am also open to publicity proposal and cooperation through partnerships.

For any brand owners, I offer partnership for sponsorships, reviews, media advertising and promotions, features, interviews, or any other requests from you. Please contact me if you need some help to promote your new releases, as long as your products are related to fashion and lifestyle.

And for my fellow bloggers, I am welcome to links trade.



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