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You should have taken design major at college, nice taste … high end (via Twitter)

Well, that’s very flattering, especially for me who have been in this area for a very short time :). But I felt a little hesitated too, because my very first intention was to make fashion applicable and affordable for every person, not just to those who can afford high end stuff. I didn’t mean to be so high-end. So I decided to use unbranded items more often :).

Why do you never take a photo of yourself? (via Facebook)

Well, as I said about my intention to diverse my fashion sense, I asked lot of friends to model to make variety. What’s not good on me might be great on someone else, and vise versa. But I’m thinking of debuting myself too, someday 🙂

Why is your style not like the ones in the teen magazines or other fashion blogs?

(I asked her: do you mean my style is not trendy enough?) Well, I do prefer to dress age appropriate. Won’t it be awkward for me, who is 25, to dress as I was 16? But beside my maturity, I also prefer classic-chic style over trendy-chic, because I believe classic pieces last forever, over all trend seasons. I love to see people in trendy style, but classic style suits me best. I still wear trendy accessories, but no matter how hard I try to look trendy, my whole look will always come to be classic 🙂

Do I deserve this privilege?

My lovely friend, Fetty Asihta, put my blog on her inspirational fashion blogger list alongside the much, much more famous fashion bloggers. This is such an honor! Thanks for your appreciation, love. Your blog inspires me to…

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