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Runway Reports: “Eyevolution”, The Evolution of Fashion and Make Up by MAKE OVER and 3 Indonesia’s Most Talented Young Designers


MAKE OVER, Indonesia’s own famous cosmetic brand, has just announced their commitment to continuously support fashion by producing their first ever sponsored fashion show at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. The facts that make up and fashion are inseparable and always go side-by-side created an idea to collaborate make up and fashion in a story-telling fashion show entitled “Eyevolution”.
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Maybe, What You Need is Just a Little Love Spell

In this post I want to show you a recently found hobby of mine, which now has been an inspiration for a new collection for jewelry brand, VERONA.

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Verona DIY Cabochon Necklace Ring Valentine Gifts 4
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Staying in Bali: The Adma Umalas

At the end of January, I had a very magnificent week in Bali, the paradise island in my lovely country Indonesia. It was quite a impulsive trip. I already planned to go with this friend of mine from Netherlands, but initially we were supposed to go in February or March. Suddenly, he decided to visit Indonesia sooner so we rushed the plan one month earlier. And I just got the news one week before he came here.

What??? A week to prepare everything??? From my flight, where to stay and itinerary??? I was rapidly overwhelmed! So I decided to call a friend from college who is now working for tourism in Bali for a hotel recommendation. He was the best, all my college buddies will contact him whenever they go to Bali because he knows better than the locals. And he recommended The Adma Umalas. I took a glance of this property at Agoda website and booked it immediately because I have a strong good feelings about this place.

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Project Flowers

My design work for a new online shop who will be selling cosmetics. These will be used as logo, social media content background, and printed as greeting cards and other marketing gimmicks 🙂

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Pretty (and delicious) Little Things

These macarons are not just food, they are art!

If you need a unique gift for someone dear to your heart, or happen to look for delicious indulgences for lavish parties and gatherings, I would kindly recommend Liél Patissier’s macarons.

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My Daily Essentials

Hi there!

Just want to give a little peek of what’s inside my handbag, some stuffs I can’t live daily without. And trust me, it is just A LITTLE, not even half of the complete knick-knacks I always bring in my huge (and heavy!) handbag 😛


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review
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Meet Your New Best Friend for Hot and Sunny Days! (P.S: It’s My favorite)

After a day of heat and sun, my favorite treatment is soothing aloe vera gels. It is really good to calm down heated skin, very recommended to treat some skin irritations such as sunburn or rash. Or just simply wear them for the comforting cooling effect.


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All That Glitter!

Christmas Concept Photo Shoot for Ciciero Bags

Photography: @thearifwibowo
Product Styling & Decoration: Pradnya Cinantya
Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 7

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Royal Treatment

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist

Photoshoot for Ciciero Bags, featuring all bags from their collection.

Photo and editing: @thearifwibowo
Product stylist: Pradnya Cinantya

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Splash Some Pink

Valentine’s Day is here once again! It’s time to spread the love and, or course, splurge some gifts in the name of love 🙂 This year, I was thinking: why not giving something else than candy and chocolate? Why not … Continue reading

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