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Staying in Bali: The Adma Umalas

At the end of January, I had a very magnificent week in Bali, the paradise island in my lovely country Indonesia. It was quite a impulsive trip. I already planned to go with this friend of mine from Netherlands, but initially we were supposed to go in February or March. Suddenly, he decided to visit Indonesia sooner so we rushed the plan one month earlier. And I just got the news one week before he came here.

What??? A week to prepare everything??? From my flight, where to stay and itinerary??? I was rapidly overwhelmed! So I decided to call a friend from college who is now working for tourism in Bali for a hotel recommendation. He was the best, all my college buddies will contact him whenever they go to Bali because he knows better than the locals. And he recommended The Adma Umalas. I took a glance of this property at Agoda website and booked it immediately because I have a strong good feelings about this place.

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Pretty (and delicious) Little Things

These macarons are not just food, they are art!

If you need a unique gift for someone dear to your heart, or happen to look for delicious indulgences for lavish parties and gatherings, I would kindly recommend Liél Patissier’s macarons.

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Hanoman The Musical: Opening Night

I was so glad to be privileged to see this musical on the opening night. We were promised a spectacular Broadway-alike show, and well, I think it was great. Not as flawless as the real Broadway show though, but it … Continue reading

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85th Annual Academy Awards: A Glimpse of Highlights

The 85th Annual Academy Awards or the 2013 Oscars had the curtain down already. Nevertheless, it was a great show. I love the Academy Awards so much beyond any other awards shows, and I enjoy every year’s show. I can … Continue reading

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Random Post

So guys, I have some questions for you: Have you ever thought about things and knowledge that you had learned in your whole life? Have you ever realized how much you know about things in your life? And have you … Continue reading

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Less Miserable Weekend

Les Misérables, the movie, is finally coming to Indonesia! This movie is a must watch, you don’t have to think twice! I LOVE Les Misérables the musical. It is my most favorite Broadway musical number 2, after Wicked. Although this … Continue reading

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Happy Wedding, Endrika

Happy wedding to one of my high school best friend. Wish you a great, happy, and long marriage. And wish nothing could ever come between you two but God. By the way, You look really beautiful, Endrika! On me: Dress … Continue reading

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5 Things I Love About Christmas

It’s Christmas time! Although I’m not a Christian, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, because there is always something joyful and beautiful when Christmas is coming even though I don’t get any presents. These are my favorite things about … Continue reading

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Things I Avoid To Make Myself Happier

Confrontation with Mom. Never win! Bad music, movies and TV programs. They distress my mood. Narcotics and misused drugs. Seriously, what is good about them? Cigarettes. They turn my skin dull, my teeth yellow, and make my breath smells dreadful. … Continue reading

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Gifts Ideas For The Quirky

In case you need some ideas for the kinky side of you 😀 Happy Christmas shopping, XOXO

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