Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Blog Valentine 2016 3

I know for some people, they don’t make Valentine’s Day special because there should be just one day to love someone (or people). Yes I agree with that; we should love everyday, not just on one day. So I make Valentine’s Day special by making it the day of not just loving people, but also showing it to them by giving gifts!

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Staying in Bali: The Adma Umalas

At the end of January, I had a very magnificent week in Bali, the paradise island in my lovely country Indonesia. It was quite a impulsive trip. I already planned to go with this friend of mine from Netherlands, but initially we were supposed to go in February or March. Suddenly, he decided to visit Indonesia sooner so we rushed the plan one month earlier. And I just got the news one week before he came here.

What??? A week to prepare everything??? From my flight, where to stay and itinerary??? I was rapidly overwhelmed! So I decided to call a friend from college who is now working for tourism in Bali for a hotel recommendation. He was the best, all my college buddies will contact him whenever they go to Bali because he knows better than the locals. And he recommended The Adma Umalas. I took a glance of this property at Agoda website and booked it immediately because I have a strong good feelings about this place.


The Adma Umalas is a villa resort (yes, not hotel. It’s nothing like a 10-stories building with alleys full of room doors) in Seminyak area. It has rice field environment and local village houses. This villa is well-known as a honeymoon destinations because it’s located in a quite private area.

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Project Flowers

My design work for a new online shop who will be selling cosmetics. These will be used as logo, social media content background, and printed as greeting cards and other marketing gimmicks 🙂

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Design 4

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Pretty (and delicious) Little Things

This is my first time ever making a review on food, yeayyy! I never do this before so I hope I can give you a nice start.

But first and foremost, please note that my reviews on food will not be about giving scores or deciding that one food is good and one is bad. It’s not everyone’s place to make judgments on food because it’s all about personal taste and preference. So my review will be all about sharing experiences and recommendations of my favorite dishes.

Now for my first review, I would like to introduce you to one of the many good things the French has given us; macarons.

In Indonesia, macarons are considered as premium and quite expensive treats. I haven’t tried many macarons from different places, probably just 3 times. 2 from coffee places (Liberica Kemang and Harvest Dharmawangsa) and 1 from an online Jakarta-based patisserie, Liél Patissier.

Among those 3, Liél Patissier’s macaron is my favorite.

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My Daily Essentials

Hi there!

Just want to give a little peek of what’s inside my handbag, some stuffs I can’t live daily without. And trust me, it is just A LITTLE, not even half of the complete knick-knacks I always bring in my huge (and heavy!) handbag 😛


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review


  1. Notebook. Because ideas always come in unexpected time, and I am kinda old-fashioned in terms of taking notes. The satisfaction of doodling on paper is something techonology can’t replace 😀
  2. Eye-glasses. Only wear them in front of any monitors.
  3. Cellphone. Because I am a normal 20 something woman who simply need a cellphone. It’s an iPhone covered in shabby chic tempered glass.
  4. Lipstick & Lipgloss. My current favorite is Revlon Colorburst matte lipstick because it stays on long and looks great all day. I like the matte texture, and the color gives you fresh look in an instant. And when I  need a glossy look, I just layer it with this sheer Victoria’s Secret Sparkle Gloss Lipshine.
  5. Perfume. I have to have perfume with me everyday or else, I would have a bad mood all day. This one is my most favorite perfume from Victoria’s Secret; FOREVER PINK Fragrance Mist. When I bought 3 bottles at oncethen, I didn’t even know what the smell was like. It had me at the name itself. Forever Pink? I AM forever pink! I just had to have it. And turned out the smell was sooooo… good and fresh!

So, those are a few of my favorite things. How about you? 🙂



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All I Want For Christmas!

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist6

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist7

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist5

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist4

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist2

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist1


Christmas Concept Photo Shoot for Ciciero Bags

Photo: @thearifwibowo
Product Styling& Decoration: Pradnya Cinantya



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Meet Your New Best Friend for Hot and Sunny Days! (P.S: It’s My favorite)

One of the perks of living in tropical places is to always have sun and heat all the time, even during rainy days. No wonder beauty treatments with SPF are always on top of a girl’s shopping list. Not only sunblock lotion, but powder, blush on, moisturizer and even lipstick have the SPF. Yes, protection from the damaging sunlight effects on our skin is an absolute necessity, but for me it’s not enough. After a whole day being under the sun, you need something to calm down your skin. If SPF is the main show, it will not be complete without the after party; soothing gels.

After a day of heat and sun, my favorite treatment is soothing aloe vera gels. It is really good to calm down heated skin, very recommended to treat some skin irritations such as sunburn or rash. Or just simply wear them for the comforting cooling effect.


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 1


NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL has now become my favorite. I got this as a souvenir from Hong Kong, but it’s originally from South Korea. I’d say, South Korea has one of the best skin products! I firstly fell in love with the fragrance, it smells really fine. You’re even gonna love the smell hours after application! And because of its gel form, it adsorbs quickly and not sticky. Very comfortable.


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 2


The best time to wear it is after you went out under the sun. After going out for lunch, doing sports, and of course after a wonderful day at the beach (and swimming pool too!)


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 3


Since I work at an indoor office, I usually wear it after coming home from work. After taking a bath, this soothing aloe vera gel gives you cool effect, smoother skin, and I guess it is also an anti-oxidant great for polluted surroundings like Jakarta. It comes in large 300ml size, but I keep some of it in a travel bottle at my office because it is also good to moisture when you are working in a room with air conditioner.

And do you know? This gel is not only for hand and body, but also face! Yes, face! Even though it may not be harmless for people with sensitive skins, but I am lucky to be able to wear it as face care. So for me this is the most versatile beauty care.




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Featured: Grazia Day, Bloggers Confidential

This is quite a-long-time-ago event (yeah, like 2 years ago), but definitely one of my favourite events.
Why? Because it was one of the moments that put me on the map. A fun soiree with a lot of amateur and professional bloggers invited to talk about the latest trends and social media for fashion.
I was so proud to join a table of famous bloggers and editors. And was kinda starstruck too 😀
Pradnya Cinantya Anya Blogger Confidential Grazia Indonesia
See more on GRAZIA INDONESIA’s website here!
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All That Glitter!

Christmas Concept Photo Shoot for Ciciero Bags

Photography: @thearifwibowo
Product Styling & Decoration: Pradnya Cinantya
Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 7
Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 6 Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 5 Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 3 Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 2
Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist 1
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Royal Treatment

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Product Stylist

Photoshoot for Ciciero Bags, featuring all bags from their collection.

Photo and editing: @thearifwibowo
Product stylist: Pradnya Cinantya
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