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Living Healthy in Delicious Way With HEAVENLY BLUSH

Holla everyone!

In this post I would like to share my opinion about living a healthy life in easy, good and delicious way.

To stay healthy, we can do a lot of things, such as exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and always consume healthy food and beverages. That last one, is kinda difficult to apply in real life sometime, because you must be familiar with the truth that most of healthy foods don’t taste good, and delicious foods are usually not healthy (yes, I am talking about deep-fried food :P).

But it’s not true. There are a lot of healthy foods and beverages with delicious taste. One of them is….

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Beauty Review: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau de Cologne

pradnya cinantya anya the fashion apprentice the body shop fuji green tea cologne review 4

After reviewing some skincare, now I want to review one of my most favorite perfumes that I really, really, really like! Also from one of my favorite beauty brands, The Body Shop; FUJI GREEN TEA™ EAU DE COLOGNE.

Well, read carefully then, because through this review I will tell you why I think it’s worth to keep 3 bottles of this perfume in your closet 😉

Let’s begin the review!
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Beauty Review: The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops Of Youth Concentrate

pradnya cinantya anya the fashion apprentice the body shop nutriganics drops of youth beauty review 4

I finally finished writing on the reviews about NUTRIGANICS DROPS OF YOUTH™ CONCENTRATE from The Body Shop. It took quite a long time since I bought and tried this product for the first time until I finished the review. If you followed my Instagram, you’d know that I have posted the product photo after I bought it a couple weeks ago. But it’s okay, because it’s a skin care. Unlike make-up, you can’t see the result of a skincare right away, right?

When you tried a make-up item, let’s say a lipstick, you could see how the color looked like on your skin after just one swipe. But with a skincare product you have to be more patient to see the result. So I had more time to use this product and experienced the result I get. And this is my review about NUTRIGANICS DROPS OF YOUTH™ CONCENTRATEContinue reading

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My April Fashion/Beauty Wish List

I have stumbled upon some interesting fashion and beauty stuffs recently, and I picked these stuffs below as my most wanted items for this month because they are perfect to start the Spring/Summer season. Aaaannddd….if you are in Indonesia, you can buy some of these treasures easily online at with big discounts!

Come, check out my April fashion and beauty wish list! Let’s see if you would put them on your list too! 😉


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Runway Reports: Exotic Beauty of Balinese Batik (Batik Bali) in “Gianyar Cultural Wonders” Fashion Show 2016

If you think Bali is only about amazing nature and beautiful tradition, think again, because lately, Bali has emerged one more thing for you to adore; Batik Bali.

Batik is one of the proudly acclaimed heritages of Indonesia. Batik has been an inspiration to many best Indonesia fashion labels. It has emerged from traditional fabric to a fashion statement, along with other traditional fabric such as Tenun and Songket. And after a long time Javanese Batik has been the only well-known Batik, Bali is trying to make its own spotlight by introducing Batik Bali to the fashion market. Continue reading

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Runway Reports: “Eyevolution”, The Evolution of Fashion and Make Up by MAKE OVER and 3 Indonesia’s Most Talented Young Designers


MAKE OVER, Indonesia’s own famous cosmetic brand, has just announced their commitment to continuously support fashion by producing their first ever sponsored fashion show at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. The facts that make up and fashion are inseparable and always go side-by-side created an idea to collaborate make up and fashion in a story-telling fashion show entitled “Eyevolution”.
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Runway Reports: Gee Batik by Sugeng Waskito Spring/Summer 2016

Maybe it’s partly because of the Javanese blood inside of me, but mainly because Batik is very beautiful and so inspiring! There is endless way to exploit the basic pattern and create it into so many creative outcomes; mix the pattern, mix the color, mix the material, add modern touches, break it into asymmetrical cutting, combine with pop culture, and another million ways. You can basically do anything with Batik.

Gee Batik 5 Continue reading

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Plastic Bags Diet: 5 Easy Ways to Become Environment Hero!

pradnya cinantya anya the fashion apprentice plastic bags diet 3


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With so many pretty posts I made and my love for flowers and pink, people think I am all girly girl 😀 I am not always soft and girly. In fact, most of the time I am sharp, and mean, … Continue reading

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Maybe, What You Need is Just a Little Love Spell

In this post I want to show you a recently found hobby of mine, which now has been an inspiration for a new collection for jewelry brand, VERONA.

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Verona DIY Cabochon Necklace Ring Valentine Gifts 4
It is not easy at first, trust me! Continue reading

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