Living Healthy in Delicious Way With HEAVENLY BLUSH

Holla everyone!

In this post I would like to share my opinion about living a healthy life in easy, good and delicious way.

To stay healthy, we can do a lot of things, such as exercise regularly, avoid smoking, and always consume healthy food and beverages. That last one, is kinda difficult to apply in real life sometime, because you must be familiar with the truth that most of healthy foods don’t taste good, and delicious foods are usually not healthy (yes, I am talking about deep-fried food :P).

But it’s not true. There are a lot of healthy foods and beverages with delicious taste. One of them is yogurt.


Yogurt is one of my favorite foods.

(Or is it drink? Do you eat or drink yogurt?)

Well anyway, I love, love, loooovveeeee yogurt! It’s not a new thing for me because my mother has introduced yogurt to our family since we were young. I love to consume yogurt in any kind of way; Popsicle, frozen yogurt, muesli mix, dipping sauce and even facial mask, because yogurt has sooooo… many benefits.

What is so good about yogurt, you ask?

Well, if you tried to make a list of yogurt benefits, it would be a really long list! Yoghurt has a lot of benefits for your health, moreover for your beauty. From that long list, I will take some benefits which really matters to me personally:

  1. Yogurt as natural remedies, the nutrition in yogurt helps boosting my immune against diseases, which I really need for my active lifestyle.
  2. Prevent cancer, boost the immune system and promote a healthy digestive tract. It is important for me because I don’t really like vegetables.
  3. Helping to lose weight and can be a substitute for snacks during diet days.
  4. Yogurt is great for your skin healthy and moist because of the Zinc, Vitamin B and Beta Hydroxy Acid in it make skin smoother and acne-free especially during PMS. That is super important for girls!
  5. The antioxidant in yogurt that helps to protect from free radicals and pollutions. This concerns me because I always go everyday through the polluted traffic of Jakarta.
  6. Anti-aging, strengthen bones, reducing cholesterol and hypertension, and a lot of other benefits.

Yes, those are only a few of yogurt goodness. That’s why I have yogurt daily, at least once a day. Often more, because I have yogurt as dessert after each meal.

But now that I am grown up and having busy life, it’s getting hard to have traditional yogurt drinks or ice cream on daily basis. I need yogurt in practical packaging I can bring and have anywhere anytime following my activities. So I tried several to-go boxed yogurts, and I found HEAVENLY BLUSH.


Why I think Heavenly Blush is perfect for my daily activity is because it is easy to bring, has good amount per serving, and uses UHT process, so the yogurt can stay good up to months without any added preservatives! Wow, this is exactly what I need, especially while travelling.

Can you imagine having to bring yogurt, which has to be stored in cooler, or go spoilt just in hours? With Heavenly Blush, I can bring it in my bag in the morning for all day. And if I needed to drink the next day, there would be no problem. While some yogurt brands can only stay good for 8 hours without cooler.


When I tried Heavenly Blush for the first time, it tasted different than other yogurts I have tasted before. Heavenly Blush is not as sour as other yogurts. It’s tastier, just like milk, but still with the prebiotic goodness. It’s all because they use special fermentation process to make their signature taste of the perfect amount of sourness, as mentioned in their motto “Asamnya Pas”.

Also, because Heavenly Blush is not too sour, it is comfortable for your stomach. No bloating guaranteed. Oh, besides being not too sour, Heavenly Blush yogurt is not too sweet too. You will know why later in this post 😉

Heavenly Blush has 3 variants; Strawberry, Peach and Blackcurrant. My most favorite flavor is strawberry, because it tastes like real strawberry, not like essence. When I read the ingredients behind the box, oh no wonder, I found strawberry puree on the ingredients list. That’s why I could taste the strawberry, because they use real fruits.


You need to be really careful while picking dairy product which has fruit flavors, because you have to make sure that they use real and fresh fruit instead of artificial flavor.

And while I was looking at the ingredients, I also looked at the nutrition facts. Well, it looked different than the other yogurt I had in my fridge. So I grabbed one and start comparing. You can see the comparison here on the picture between Heavenly Blush and Cimory yogurt:



Heavenly Blush Cimory
Serving 200ml 250 ml
Amount per Serving 1 1
Total Energy 100 kkal 220 kkal
Energy From Fat 20 kkal 60 kkal
Total Fat 2 g 7 g
Saturated Fat 1 g
Trans Fat 0 g
Cholesterol 4 mg
Protein 4 g 6 g
Total Carbohydrate 17 g 33 g
Fiber 3 g
Sugar 11 g 31 g
Natrium 105 mg 100 mg
Kalium 0 mg 260 mg
Kalsium 45% 20%

From this table, you can the see that Heavenly Blush contains LESS sugar, fat and calories compared to Cimory brand, but with HIGHER calcium. That’s why Heavenly Blush is not too sweet, because they have very low amount of sugar.

This is actually an important thing to consider for us, especially girls, because less sugar, calories and fat means better product for our diets, right?

Wow, I think I made the right choice with Heavenly Blush, and now I have no more worries to have their yogurt everyday!

Living healthy can be delicious too, as long as you are concerned and pay attention to the nutrition coming inside your body. Yogurt has given you so many benefits, and it should not be ruined with too much sugar and fat. You have to carefully select the best yogurt product.

I choose Heavenly Blush.

So if you want to get healthy and beautiful at the same time deliciously, let’s start to have Heavenly Blush yogurt today! 😉



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  1. Lia Harahap says:

    Buatku yang penting tidak terlalu asam hehehe.

    Fotomu bagus sekali 🙂

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