My April Fashion/Beauty Wish List

Hello Everyone!

Wow, can you believe it’s April already? Feels like just yesterday we celebrate New Year.

Anyway, this would be my first post in April. I am thinking the most appropriate way to start a new month is by making a wish list. Because by making a wish list we can be inspired for the whole month and it gives us a goal. Do you agree? 😀


So I will make my April fashion and beauty wish list in this post. I have stumbled upon some interesting fashion and beauty stuffs recently, and I picked these stuffs below as my most wanted items for this month because they are perfect to start the Spring/Summer season. Aaaannddd….if you are in Indonesia, you can buy some of these treasures easily online at with big discounts!

Come, check out my April fashion and beauty wish list! Let’s see if you would put them on your list too! 😉


POTTS Jakarta’s The Dust Tube Top and Manhattan Street Outer

Wearing bustier as a casual tube top has been a trend since 2015 until now and I haven’t got any chance to try. I usually wear bustier as gowns and kebaya. I will definitely try to wear bustier as casual top after I saw the new Spring collection from POTTS called “HANA”. If you are not familiar with POTTS, it is an couture brand from Indonesia. I love this brand so much, I have 5 outfits from POTTS. I will write about their new HANA collection on different review this week.

The Dust Tube Top has beautiful flower embroidery on silk-like material. It is even so pretty combined with very casual sneakers and slip-ons. Isn’t it something that you want to keep forever?

I will definitely pair it with the matching Manhattan Street Outer when it’s a little bit cold and when I have to be less sexy, ahahaha…. 😀


Bond No. 9 Central Park West EDP

This perfume is actually not a new product, but I have wanted it since it was released. Bond No. 9 is a niche brand known for its quality, exclusivity and luxury. But not like any other niche perfume, this Bond No. 9 Central Park West is not too intense, not too heavy smell. In fact it has floral, woody and musk note. I like the smell because it is fresh and perfect for spring. It has a unique touch of vetiver, musk, ylang-ylang, and two of my most favorite perfume ingredients; jasmine and gardenia.

Beside the great smell, can you just look at the bottle? Isn’t it the perfect scent for spring?


Cath Kidston Bloomsburry Handbag

OMG, I instantly fell in love after seeing this bag! Finally, a Cath Kidston bag I can wear! In case you haven’t noticed, I love floral pattern and I have a lot of floral personal stuffs. Yes, I also know that Cath Kidston’s products are famous for shabby chic vintage floral pattern, but unfortunately they mostly come in simple and slouchy tote bags and backpacks. I don’t wear those kinds of bags very often. I like big structured tote bags or satchel, with details and a lot of pockets. So I am happy to see Cath Kidston Bloomsburry Handbag because it has everything that I like (and need) in a bag.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.11.59 AM

Ray-Ban Mirror Rose Gold

Ray-Ban mirror sunglasses are another obsession of mine. Believe it or not, I already have got 4 mirror aviators (yellow, green, blue and silver) and I keep wanting for more hahahaha…. 😀

This Ray-Ban Mirror Rose Gold will surely be a great addition to my collection. Isn’t pink the cutest color ever?

Mirror sunglasses make me look edgy, and I want to enjoy them as long as this trend still last. I don’t think mirror sunglasses will be a classic trend, so you just need to live this moment with them.


COAST London Tay Textured Skirt

Tay Textured Skirt is a part of COAST’s newest collection for Spring/Summer 2016. I saw this skirt for the first time at their fashion show at Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. I want this skirt so bad because it is everything about my personal style; ladylike and classy. And it’s pink!

I like the A-line shape and minimalist design, makes this skirt looks modern and classic at the same time. I also like full skirt that makes you like a princess. If you also like this kind of skirt, here’s a little tips; to highlight the skirt’s fullness, wear you top tucked in. Either you’re wearing loose top or a tank-top, wearing them tucked in will define your waistline and pull attention thoroughly to the skirt.


Swatch Pink Glistar Watch

Swatch Pink Glistar Watch is so cute yet elegant. You can wear it with casual style since it is made of jelly-like plastic (which is so appropriate for spring and summer season, by the way!) and also for formal occasion because it is a sparkling bling! It’s very multifunctional, am I right?

If you’d like to look glamour but you don’t like gold-chained watch or rhinestones on the strap, this is the perfect watch for you. I really like the glitter a lot. It gives a girly chic touch for the day look, and the glam effect for evening look. I also prefer plain leather and jelly watch straps rather than chain and rhinestones, because they are safer for my delicate outfit -like lace and wool sweater- and dresses’ details such as sequins. They don’t get stuck and pull any threads.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.12.43 AM

Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It in Ivory Brown

It’s a special edition from Maybeline, my favorite brand for eyeliner and mascara, and only available exclusively on LAZADA Indonesia. The packaging is pretty and perfect for a gift. So I hope someone will be very kind and give this to me as a gift hahahaha…. 😀

So what is inside this box? Let’s check it out!

Each Maybelline Coloring Box Matte About It box includes Hyper Matte Eye Liner, White Superfresh Liquid Power, 2 Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Colors, and Fashion Brow Duo Shaper Eyebrow Pencil. Everything in this box is a must-have basic makeup for a beauty rookie like me, so I don’t need to be confused when I buy them one by one. Also perfect for me because I like natural make-up for everyday look. It’s a easy and quick full make up in a box. Definitely must have!


Yeah, that’s all I wanted for this month so far. If there would be new stuffs coming out later, I would definitely put them on my May wish list and post them later.

I hope you enjoy this post and be inspired. Let me know if you have any recommendations where to find cute and pretty stuffs to put on my wish list 😉


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