Runway Reports: “Eyevolution”, The Evolution of Fashion and Make Up by MAKE OVER and 3 Indonesia’s Most Talented Young Designers

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Logo-IFW-2016-1400x918 copyIn this post I want to share runway review of another fashion show I attended on the last Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. I was so lucky to attend 5 fashion shows because for the first time ever I got a press pass. I will share the complete story on my experiences as a media reporter there on another post. Also, I will share the reviews of all of those fashion shows I attended.

For the first review, I wrote about the awesome collection from Gee Batik by Sugeng Waskito. In case you miss it, you can read the review HERE. And for the second review, this is the story about the fashion by MAKE OVER, collaborating with 3 young Indonesian designers. Enjoy! 🙂


MAKE OVER, Indonesia’s own famous cosmetic brand, has just announced their commitment to continuously support fashion by producing their first ever sponsored fashion show at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. The facts that make up and fashion are inseparable and always go side-by-side created an idea to collaborate make up and fashion in a story-telling fashion show entitled “Eyevolution”.

The fashion show is called “Eyevolution” to celebrate 2 special themes; the official release of the newest 7-colored eyeliner collection from MAKE OVER and the evolution of fashion interpreted by 3 internationally renowned young designers.

Why did evolution become a theme? Because evolution is a natural process of changes, which living things -including humans, have to go through and adapt with in order to survive. But not only the living things, fashion and make up also have an evolution process we know as “trends”. Fashion and make up have to keep up with trends to keep their relevance, and also to make an improvement –to make a better version than the previous ones.

Evolution creates new things, without forgetting the old ones. Just like fashion, and its repeating trends. It’s true; because trends tend to look backward as an inspiration for something we are working at the present in order to create a result that exists in the future. Evolution process is unique. It involves all timelines to make one progress.

Consistent to the theme, “Eyevolution” fashion show stretched a time travel story of fashion. It started way far back to the early years when people realized that the earth was round-shaped and there were another places there to explore, to the present time where we live and ended with unlimited futuristic imaginations.

The visualizations of each timeline were presented by talented Indonesian young designers; Felicia Budi from fbudi, Patrick Owen, and Ardistia Dwiasri from Ardistia New York.

Check out their time-travel in fashion below!


The Age of Discovery from fbudi

Pradnya Cinantya Anya The Fashion Apprentice fbudi Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

The time-travel started with a collection called “The Age of Discovery” by Felicia Budi. This collection was inspired by the era when both Spain and Portuguese were competing to send out their men to explore and discover the new world.

Solid black and burgundy color palette was used to describe this age. Felicia got this idea of the colors by studying some paintings and artworks created in that timeline. She also mentioned, “the choosing of the palette was a metaphor, that the colors of life we have today started with just one simple color.”


The Age of Enlightenment from Patrick Owen

Pradnya Cinantya Anya The Fashion Apprentice Patrick Owen Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

Our time-travel continued to “The Age of Englightenment” by Patrick Owen. It described the present time, the timeline where fashion kept going with the trends and the development of people’s lifestyle.

Patrick Owen took a surprisingly unique inspiration, which is the hectic street life of Jakarta. The dynamicity of this busiest city in Indonesia showed in prints and illustration techniques. Pictures of famous monument, culture and traditional symbols were applied on modern casual denim, cotton and polyester material. To boost the urban impression, he took black, royal blue, neon orange and tosca for this impressive collection.


The Age of Space from Ardistia New York

Pradnya Cinantya Anya The Fashion Apprentice Ardistia New York 2016

And finally we reached the end of “EyevolutionArdistia Dwiasri and her label Ardistia New York’s creation, fulfilled with wild imaginations about the future. Through “The Age of Space”, her collection was inspired by the progress of modern technology which is sophisticated yet also make our life easier and simpler.

Futuristic images came perfectly from simple and sleek geometric designs. She chose jacquard, organza and mesh materials, of course in a palette of black, white and silver – the official colors of futuristic image.


Overall, it was an awesome show. It amazed me how creative and innovative young designers are. They make a red-line of same modern and edgy looks out of three different eras. I can’t wait to see their next shows.

For another runway reports, I will write them really soon. Stay tune! 😉


*All photos were taken by me. MAKE OVER banner from their official website.*

*This article is originally an article I made as a contributor for Clozette Indonesia. This article has also been published on Clozette Indonesia’s page. To read the published article, click HERE.*



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