Staying in Bali: The Adma Umalas

At the end of January, I had a very magnificent week in Bali, the paradise island in my lovely country Indonesia. It was quite a impulsive trip. I already planned to go with this friend of mine from Netherlands, but initially we were supposed to go in February or March. Suddenly, he decided to visit Indonesia sooner so we rushed the plan one month earlier. And I just got the news one week before he came here.

What??? A week to prepare everything??? From my flight, where to stay and itinerary??? I was rapidly overwhelmed! So I decided to call a friend from college who is now working for tourism in Bali for a hotel recommendation. He was the best, all my college buddies will contact him whenever they go to Bali because he knows better than the locals. And he recommended The Adma Umalas. I took a glance of this property at Agoda website and booked it immediately because I have a strong good feelings about this place.


The Adma Umalas is a villa resort (yes, not hotel. It’s nothing like a 10-stories building with alleys full of room doors) in Seminyak area. It has rice field environment and local village houses. This villa is well-known as a honeymoon destinations because it’s located in a quite private area.

Why Seminyak? We decided to stay in Seminyak because it is right in the middle of the packed out Kuta and the luxurious and calm Seminyak and Canggu area. By staying in Seminyak, you can get to Kuta very easily for the nightlife and the crowd (only about 20 minutes with motorbike), yet you can still loosen up in quiet surrounding, and you can even get to the private beach in Canggu just about 10 minutes away.

We arrived at the hotel around 9 pm, due to our afternoon flights. We took a taxi, and the driver was pretty familiar with the Umalas area itself but not the villa. The location of the villa was a little bit hidden, without any signs. To reach there, you have to mention Nook restaurant as a clue, and then look at Google map to see precisely.



When we arrived, we were already tired from the flights so I felt the comfort of this villa immediately. The Adma Umalas consists of 7 separated villa houses; each has 2 rooms, suites with private plunging pools below and suites above. And each house has traditional touches with wooden architectures and water gardens. Again, it’s nothing like you’re staying in a big building with dark alleys of room doors like in typical hotels.


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Adma Umalas Villa Bali 3

Our room was on the second floor. It was really big; we have a huge balcony in front of the room with TWO wooden couches and a smaller balcony on the side of the room (we used it to dry up our laundry). The bathroom was really spacious and comfortable. Each room has a unique open-concept wardrobe right at the back of the head of the bed.

The staffs were nice and responsive, even the security guards were very friendly and helpful. The surrounding was nice and cozy. Although, if you decided to stay here, I recommend you to have a vehicle (either car or motorbike) because it’s kinda secluded (but not really in the middle of nowhere). If you are too lazy to go out, The Adma Umalas is really (really!) close to NOOK, one of the most popular restaurants in Bali with great hype.

The villa also rent motorbikes, and we rented one from them. With motorbike, we can get to the closest mini market (about 5 minutes), Canggu Beach (10 minutes), Kuta (20-30 minutes) and Tanah Lot (45 minutes) from The Adma Umalas.

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Adma Umalas Villa Bali 2

Pradnya Cinantya Anya Adma Umalas Villa Bali 1

We stayed there for 7 nights and it felt like it was our house. I was really devastated when we were about to check-out because it feels like leaving home. I am gonna miss the greetings, the views of the streets you pass by whenever you leave and back home to the villa, and of course THE SWIMMING POOL! I would certainly recommend this villa if any of you is visiting Bali. And I would certainly go back here to stay another time.


*Pictures are both mine and some taken from The Adma Umalas website*



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