Pretty (and delicious) Little Things

This is my first time ever making a review on food, yeayyy! I never do this before so I hope I can give you a nice start.

But first and foremost, please note that my reviews on food will not be about giving scores or deciding that one food is good and one is bad. It’s not everyone’s place to make judgments on food because it’s all about personal taste and preference. So my review will be all about sharing experiences and recommendations of my favorite dishes.

Now for my first review, I would like to introduce you to one of the many good things the French has given us; macarons.

In Indonesia, macarons are considered as premium and quite expensive treats. I haven’t tried many macarons from different places, probably just 3 times. 2 from coffee places (Liberica Kemang and Harvest Dharmawangsa) and 1 from an online Jakarta-based patisserie, Liél Patissier.

Among those 3, Liél Patissier’s macaron is my favorite.

We got their specialties Assorted Macaron Box sent as a gift on Ciciero Bags’ Anniversary last April. This box contains happiness in form of 12 macarons, one of each flavor. You would be so happy to just sit down and try all of the flavors 🙂

They are Salted caramel, Red Velvet, Buttered Popcorn, Green Tea Azuki, Richeese Nabati, Machiato, Pandan Coconut, Oreo, Nutella, and some I forgot but all delicious. The packaging is compact and neat. The flavors taste natural, not too artificial. The texture is perfect; fluffy and chewy. Trust me, one is not enough! :p


But if you don’t have severe sweet tooth like myself, beware! You may find them very, very sweet.

The second time Liél sent us another sweet surprise was when Ciciero Bags’ designer tied the knot last May. It was a custom ombre Macarons Tower built with 50 white, baby pink, and rose pink macarons. It was tremendously adorable and pretty! All three colors had same flavor; sweet coconut.


Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of the tower because we at the office just couldn’t keep our hands off it hahahaha…. (but I managed to take pics of the 3 colors)


Other than 12 pcs Assorted Macaron Box (they also offer greeting cards for any occasions on the box) and 50 pcs Macarons Tower, there are also 25 pcs Mac Stack and 10 pcs Macaron Bouquet. I’d say the price is very reasonable. See them all on Liél Patissier’s Instagram.

These macarons are not just food, they are art!

If you need a unique gift for someone dear to your heart, or happen to look for delicious indulgences for lavish parties and gatherings, I would kindly recommend Liél Patissier’s macarons.



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