My Daily Essentials

Hi there!

Just want to give a little peek of what’s inside my handbag, some stuffs I can’t live daily without. And trust me, it is just A LITTLE, not even half of the complete knick-knacks I always bring in my huge (and heavy!) handbag 😛


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review


  1. Notebook. Because ideas always come in unexpected time, and I am kinda old-fashioned in terms of taking notes. The satisfaction of doodling on paper is something techonology can’t replace 😀
  2. Eye-glasses. Only wear them in front of any monitors.
  3. Cellphone. Because I am a normal 20 something woman who simply need a cellphone. It’s an iPhone covered in shabby chic tempered glass.
  4. Lipstick & Lipgloss. My current favorite is Revlon Colorburst matte lipstick because it stays on long and looks great all day. I like the matte texture, and the color gives you fresh look in an instant. And when I  need a glossy look, I just layer it with this sheer Victoria’s Secret Sparkle Gloss Lipshine.
  5. Perfume. I have to have perfume with me everyday or else, I would have a bad mood all day. This one is my most favorite perfume from Victoria’s Secret; FOREVER PINK Fragrance Mist. When I bought 3 bottles at oncethen, I didn’t even know what the smell was like. It had me at the name itself. Forever Pink? I AM forever pink! I just had to have it. And turned out the smell was sooooo… good and fresh!

So, those are a few of my favorite things. How about you? 🙂



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