Meet Your New Best Friend for Hot and Sunny Days! (P.S: It’s My favorite)

One of the perks of living in tropical places is to always have sun and heat all the time, even during rainy days. No wonder beauty treatments with SPF are always on top of a girl’s shopping list. Not only sunblock lotion, but powder, blush on, moisturizer and even lipstick have the SPF. Yes, protection from the damaging sunlight effects on our skin is an absolute necessity, but for me it’s not enough. After a whole day being under the sun, you need something to calm down your skin. If SPF is the main show, it will not be complete without the after party; soothing gels.

After a day of heat and sun, my favorite treatment is soothing aloe vera gels. It is really good to calm down heated skin, very recommended to treat some skin irritations such as sunburn or rash. Or just simply wear them for the comforting cooling effect.


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 1


NATURE REPUBLIC ALOE VERA SOOTHING GEL has now become my favorite. I got this as a souvenir from Hong Kong, but it’s originally from South Korea. I’d say, South Korea has one of the best skin products! I firstly fell in love with the fragrance, it smells really fine. You’re even gonna love the smell hours after application! And because of its gel form, it adsorbs quickly and not sticky. Very comfortable.


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 2


The best time to wear it is after you went out under the sun. After going out for lunch, doing sports, and of course after a wonderful day at the beach (and swimming pool too!)


Pradnya Cinantya Anya Beauty Review 3


Since I work at an indoor office, I usually wear it after coming home from work. After taking a bath, this soothing aloe vera gel gives you cool effect, smoother skin, and I guess it is also an anti-oxidant great for polluted surroundings like Jakarta. It comes in large 300ml size, but I keep some of it in a travel bottle at my office because it is also good to moisture when you are working in a room with air conditioner.

And do you know? This gel is not only for hand and body, but also face! Yes, face! Even though it may not be harmless for people with sensitive skins, but I am lucky to be able to wear it as face care. So for me this is the most versatile beauty care.




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1 Response to Meet Your New Best Friend for Hot and Sunny Days! (P.S: It’s My favorite)

  1. notgoingout11 says:

    Yes! This stuff is amazing! My mum stocks up on this in the summer X)

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