85th Annual Academy Awards: A Glimpse of Highlights


The 85th Annual Academy Awards or the 2013 Oscars had the curtain down already. Nevertheless, it was a great show. I love the Academy Awards so much beyond any other awards shows, and I enjoy every year’s show. I can never tell which show is the best nor the worst because I love every Oscars’ moment. The Oscars is the most important movie award show to witness and – according to Ben Affleck – the final leg of a tremendous journey (for movie-makers).

You can see the full winners list on The Academy’s official website. It’s already everywhere anyway. I won’t put the list here just because. However, the Academy Awards is never just about the winners; IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SHOW. Maybe the headline of this year show is the fact that the winners of the Top 6 categories (Picture, Director, Leadings and Supportings) come from 6 completely different movies! That’s kinda rare, right? But here are some other interesting highlights from The 85th Annual Academy Awards taking place at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles.


  • I remember asking my sister what would this year Oscars be with Seth MacFarlane serve as the host. I mean if it was MTV Movie Awards, I would have an obvious guess. But it’s the Oscars, the greatest movie gala ever! Well, it ended up as predicted; some rude jokes and referrals, inappropriate words here and there, drug illustration, and a sexist song about boobs! Too much for a general view.
  • Seth McFarlane opened his hosting stating that it was the first time ever the Oscars had a theme, which was ‘Music’. So that’s why this year show was almost a resemblance of a Tony Awards show. Yet thank you Academy for the astonishing musical performances this year.
  • The orchestra played the theme from Jaws to restrain acceptance speech time this year, instead of the previously used gently alarming music. Of course, who wouldn’t be nervous and speeding up when hearing that music! I feel sorry for those whose speeches were cut by the music, but then again, I don’t want to hear too long speeches either.


  • One of the highly anticipated performances was Les Misérables cast. I LOVE IT! Super epic. The performance was breath-taking and it deserved the standing ovation. The actors were great, the song ‘One Day More’ was thrilling, yet I think I wasn’t the only one who was hoping the performance should be longer. At least let Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks sing a full version of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and ‘On My Own’.
  • Aaron Tveit, who played Enjolras in Les Misérables, was more stunning than Eddie Redmayne who played the heartthrob Marius in the movie. He walked up to the stage like it was just his. He owned the stage! I like to see him more on stage. He sang ‘One Day More’ along with the fellow casts of Les Mis.
  • Prior to Les Misérables epic performance, Shirley Bassey and Jennifer Hudson also gave momentous tributes to the movie music with two undefeated performances of ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’. I was speechless. They were perfect.
  • There was a speculation saying that Catherine Zeta-Jones lip-synced during her ‘All That Jazz’ number from her movie Chicago. But one thing or another, to see her singing such a big musical song makes me realize that there are a lot of Hollywood stars who can really sing serious tunes. Why don’t they become singers? This is an interesting fact for my country. Because in Indonesia, it’s the opposite: there are a lot of movie stars who CAN NOT sing, yet they become singers.


  • Other than Les Misérables performance, the only thing I have waited very eagerly was to see Jeremy Renner on stage. No excuse for this, I am just desperately in love with him! He was so gorgeous and funny on stage, so yeah he really made my day. I knew the other Avengers were there too, but my eyes were only on Renner during the two categories announcement. My fangirl’s selfishness, guys, sorry.
  • I am not in love with Anne Hathaway’s pale pink Prada dress. It looks like an apron with nipples pointing everywhere and don’t give a huge neon-sign of ‘Winner’ to Anne herself. The dress she wore on the Les Mis performance though, that’s THE dress! That’s how a superstar looks like! Why did she choose the apron dress instead for the Red Carpet? Oh, and she won the Best Supporting Actress anyway. That’s predictable.
  • Did Jennifer Lawrence stumble upon the stairs after being called Best Actress? Apparently she did. But that moment I thought she was genuinely surprised and having a panic attack or short-breath, I didn’t guess it was an accident.
  • Bradley Cooper took his mother as his date. Chris Evans took his too. And did Jeremy Renner also bring his mother, as he has done frequently before? I am not sure about this because I missed his arrival, but I really wish he did. This is the best gesture for all bachelor actors out there. Please save the fans from major jealousy, Gentlemen. Take your mothers, not trophy models.


  • TED was on stage! He shared stage with his thunder buddy Mark Wahlberg. Oh my God, I was really, really, really dying to give him a hug! I love that little fury fella in the cutest tux ever!
  • Ben Affleck deserved everything for Argo, including Best Director. F*** you for that one, Academy!
  • We all know Kristen Stewart arrived with crutches due to her leg injury, but she decided to go without it when presenting with Daniel Radcliffe. I could see her stumbling walk on stage and I was so disappointed to see how ignorant Daniel was. I’m sorry to Daniel’s fans, but how impolite was he. He didn’t even offer her a hand. Wait, is the Harry Potter vs. Twilight feud still on?
  • Why the hell have Charlize Theron got Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye hair?? I know they are good friends, but just why??
  • Daniel Day Lewis won again! Let this be an important lesson for all the other actors out there. NEVER, once again, NEVER EVER BE IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS HIM. You will lose. For sure.


  • Adele’s performance was magical. She rocked the diamond bright dress on that starry stage set. She was truly a star. Alas she didn’t get a standing ovation, unlike Shirley Bassey, Jennifer Hudson, and the cast of Les Misérables.
  • Michelle Obama was a presenter. Okay, so that is the final absolute confirmation that the Oscars is, in fact, a big thing. This award show is worth a first lady’s appearance.
  • Stars whom I was really frustrated for not seeing at this year’s Oscars: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

And now talking about the Red Carpet moments. I believe there are a lot of reviews out there already with privileged backstage pass and photos, so I am not gonna compete with them. But I will still pick my own both favorite and least favorite looks and dresses.

The great impressions:


Jennifer Lawrence
This pink cinderella dress from Christian Dior is overwhelming, but that is the greatest thing about it. Accepting her first nomination and winning this year, Jennifer deserved a dress that made her like a princess and drew the world’s attention to her.

Octavia Spencer
She really embraced her considered full figure in white Tadashi Shoji dress. Maybe if it wasn’t white, it’d be less wedding-y, but she still wore it well. I love the glamorous shoulder neckline frame. Perfect look to open the show with the first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor category she presented.

Nicole Kidman
She is my goddess. She wore L’Wren Scott’s liquid sequin dress with beautiful detail on the bottom. Can Nicole Kidman have a wardrobe malfunction? I don’t think so. Too bad she wasn’t nominated for anything this year.

Zoe Saldana
She was in Alexis Mabille Couture. It’s one way to wear white dress without looking like a bride. This white dress has buckle detail and beautiful ombré pattern on her feet.

The not-so-good impressions:


Anne Hathaway
I love Anne. Hands down to Anne Hathaway! But this year she picked the wrong dress. She lost her mesmerizing appeal in this hard-to-explained weird apron-like nude pink with pointy nipples dress from Prada. Where was the girl who stunned everyone in dazzling silver Armani dress or the red Carolina Herrera?

Salma Hayek
I am never a fan of long tight black velvet dress that pushes sexiness too far. I love Alexander McQueen but not this dress. The high hair bun is not capturing my interest either. Nope. And the tiara? Seriously?

Kristen Stewart
Somebody please give this girl a comb already! What was with Kristen’s hair!? Did she even realize she was at the Oscars? I know her signature style is this rock and roll indie chick, and the hair will work if she was wearing casual looks, but definitely not in Reem Acra couture gown. And she left her best accessory too: Robert Pattinson.

Melissa McCarthy
She didn’t grip her curve. This David Meister gown is not tailored for full-figured woman. It’s an overabundance of grey silk jersey that is just too much.

As for the gentlemen, I decided to skip this one because I can barely be fair on this category. The fact that all the men are wearing tuxedos and suits is enough for me; they all look good and can never go wrong. But I already set my eyes on Jeremy Renner, no matter how he looks. I love him to my very last breath, so I would pick Jeremy Renner as the Best Dressed Male, the Best Look, the Best Thing I Laid My Eyes On During The Show, and the Best Thing on Earth.


And that is not fair 😀


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