Less Miserable Weekend



Les Misérables, the movie, is finally coming to Indonesia! This movie is a must watch, you don’t have to think twice! I LOVE Les Misérables the musical. It is my most favorite Broadway musical number 2, after Wicked. Although this musical was based on a novel by Victor Hugo, however, I do not like the novel itself. I was not this enthusiast about Liam Neeson’s non-musical drama version from 1998 which was more ‘faithful’ to the novel. I kept thinking when could I ever see the musical and should I really visit Broadway. That’s why I have been very excited waiting for it since it was released last Christmas. So I watched it, and these are some of my favorite highlights about this movie:

(Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

  1. ‘ON MY OWN’. I love, love, love this song!!!! This song is the reason I love this musical. I actually like Les Misérables because of this song first, not vice versa. Have been in love with this song since Katie Holmes’ character in Dawson’s Creek sang it. Even though I like Wicked’s story more, but ‘ON MY OWN’ is my most favorite Broadway number ever!
  2. Stunning jacket alert!! Fellow fashionistas, keep your eyes on for these great military jackets inspirations all over the movie! One of the stylish moments was when Sacha Baron Cohen’s character, Monsieur Thenardier, singing ‘Master of the House’. I was like “Damn, his jacket is so cool! I want it!” The other one was when Hugh Jackman’s character, Jean Valjean, took the uniform of a dead King’s army during the rebellion scene. Blue military jacket with red tassels on the shoulders! Gorgeous!
  3. My most favorite scene throughout this movie was the introduction of the revolutionary rebels, when the young people fighting for freedom appeared. Because finally, after almost half of the movie I had to sit down for nothing but old men with scruffy facial hair, clean-shaved young men were a great reward! (Seriously, I was just this close to really hate those mustache and beard, and started to beg ‘please, oh please, give me something good-looking to stare at…’)
  4. I once read that Cossette was no one’s favorite character. I was wondering back then, was she so cruel that everybody hated her? Later on, I finally realized: Cossette did nothing. Seriously, what was that girl even in the story for? She did nothing. She did not do anything about the revolutionary struggle. She did not make any friends or enemies. She even got the man after he was rich again. No wonder anybody even realize she was there.
  5. All way through the movie, whenever Jean Valjean was in trouble or having difficulties, I kept thinking “Oh come on, you’re Wolverine!” Also, some of the numbers Jean Valjean sang had the words ‘who am I?’ in the lyrics. You just couldn’t help yourself to not answering ‘You’re Wolverine!’ 😀

After great movie then came great hangout, great chats and great foods with my greater than great friends! This is very much a less miserable weekend for me!





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  1. fetty asihta says:

    Me love your jacket! :*

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