5 Things I Love About Christmas


It’s Christmas time! Although I’m not a Christian, Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, because there is always something joyful and beautiful when Christmas is coming even though I don’t get any presents. These are my favorite things about Christmas. I believe I share them with a lot of people out there because we all just love beautiful things. So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

1. Christmas movies1. Christmas Movies
Never miss Christmas movies during holidays since I was in school. I think ‘The Most Christmas’ movie ever is Home Alone. Christmas without Home Alone movies is incomplete, like Valentine’s Day without Romeo + Juliet. Even until now, that movie is always played on television in Indonesia every year.


2. Christmas Music2. Christmas Music
I have been a fan of classical, choirs and gospel music forever. I never actually go to church but somehow I love the chants made in churches. Like when I watched the Royal Wedding, I had this elegant and majestic feeling when the choir started singing. I love the classics more than the contemporary Christmas songs.


4. Christmas Decoration3. Christmas Lights, Ornaments, and Decorations
I love bright colorful lights!!! Love them so much! Whenever Christmas season is coming, I can’t wait to see the lights and decorations at malls and hotels because they always have the best trees! I love Christmas ornaments because they are shiny, snowy and colorful!


5. Christmas Sweets4. Christmas Sweet
Okay, I know that Christmas feast is not all sweets, but most of the foods are. And I always think about sweet desserts when I hear about Christmas food, especially those which are only available during Christmas season like Bûche de Noël and Gingerbread House.


3. Christmas fireplace5. Snow
I was born and raised in a tropical country. I have traveled to some tropical places. The coldest place I have visited was Australia during winter, and they didn’t even have snow there. So I have always been craving to see and feel some snow. Since I was young, I always have a fantasy of myself -sometime in the future- sitting in front of a fireplace when it’s raining snow outside and reading stories for my children at night. So I think I have to move out from my country right away.

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