Things I Avoid To Make Myself Happier

  1. Confrontation with Mom. Never win!
  2. Bad music, movies and TV programs. They distress my mood.
  3. Narcotics and misused drugs. Seriously, what is good about them?
  4. Cigarettes. They turn my skin dull, my teeth yellow, and make my breath smells dreadful. And uh, they give me cancer too.
  5. Coffee. Unlike to other people, the caffeine and the taste make me nausea.
  6. Overly pessimist person. I hate being around people who always believe that the world is mean and their lives are miserable all the time. My life in everything but heaven, yet I can go each day happily and so can you.
  7. Getting involved in social media fights, comments wars, and visiting websites on which people often post comments irresponsibly; saying hateful things using fake names. I avoid haters who can’t speak their vicious minds on their own behalves.
  8. Watching movies, news, or documentaries with animal cruelty.
  9. Intolerant and close-minded people. Because I’m just happy living my own free minds and I respect others’.


About PradnyaCinantya

a fashion blogger.
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