Attention Wedding Crashers!

With the traditional Minang reception line at my best friend’s wedding last March.

While I was at wedding receptions, the compulsively obsessed I liked to observe some ignorable small things from which I can make some useful tips. So here are some tips for you when attending a wedding reception, especially what outfits and make up to wear. I hope they can be helpful to make you a perfect thunder stealer.
But before you read, please bear in mind that these tips are based on my experiences attending wedding receptions in Indonesia, so the weather, customs, and cultural traditions might be considered.

The Rule of White
The first rule of dressing up for a wedding is: don’t wear white because it competes with the bride. This rule may seem outdated, because I think you can both wear white and respect the bride’s special day at the same time. Wear the simplest dress and never be mistaken for the bride, who is the one in the most sparkly white dress in the room. If you can compete with the bride’s bling, that means you have overdone yourself. And most brides in Indonesia nowadays are wearing colors on the receptions, so it’s okay to wear white dress. Or you can choose white blazer, or white hijab outfit. Just keep it simple.

The Rule of Black
Black is the safest color for outfits, but all black look doesn’t work very well especially at daytime. Don’t wear black dress with black stocking and black shoes during daytime. Or anything too sparkly, like black sequin or black velvet dress. They will make you look overdressed.

The Boundaries of Sexiness
Do wear something feminine and appropriate, out of respect for your hosts. Club wear, overtly sexy clothing (strapless, tight, see-through, etc) doesn’t belong at a wedding. If you have to ask if it’s appropriate, it probably isn’t.

The Casual Limitation
Give limits to the term ‘casual’ and pay more respect to the host who spent a lot of money on the reception. This is the big NO list: T-Shirt, shredded jeans, shorts, tank-tops, flip-flops, hair crunchies, shark hair clips, and fish-net stocking. Even a Versace t-shirt doesn’t count as wedding attire, and sneakers only work if you are a hip-hop superstar and they worth a thousand dollars.

The Everlasting Smooch
Choose lip tint over lipstick. Lip tint sticks on you lips, like after you drink a red-colored soft drink, while lipstick is easily wiped off. Or you can wear both; lip tint to give the basic color that stays all day whether you re-apply or not, and lipstick to give fine layers if you have time to re-apply. I personally like the lip tint from Etude, but other brands will do as well.

The Gentle Wipe on My Face
When crying, NEVER wipe your eyes. Pat your face gently instead, the same way when you wipe your lips after eating. To prevent melting make up from sweating, instead of covering face with a thick layer of powder, use blotting papers. These powdery pieces of paper will absorb oils without coating skin.

The Major Headpiece
Since the Royal Wedding in 2011, wearing a fancy hat to a wedding is becoming a huge trend. Everyone loves to have some European elegance. But you know hats can be too overwhelming, so you can pick glamour fascinators or headbands instead. My favorites are headbands and hairclips from Allura.

The Mom Bags
Oversize totes are for moms only, and anything bigger are just preposterous. So, unless you are with babies and toddlers, better bring a compact purse or clutch. You are there to have a feast, not to bring home leftovers.

The Sole-Mate
Always wear shoes with good rubber soles. You must prevent the slippery dance floor, possibly spilled liquid on the floor, or pebbled paths at outdoors receptions. I once had my high heels’ sole off, the rubber part of the sole was gone. I almost slipped many times and the nail hidden in the heel was exposed and made a tick-tock sound upon the floor. So embarrassing!

The Strap on My Shoulder
Make sure your clutch has the straps on. All clutches now come with detachable straps that can be hidden or adjusted, so you can have them hold during the reception and then carry them on your shoulder when you eat or drink. It would also be very helpful if out of the sudden you need both hands.

The Unsinkable Wedges
Particularly for outdoor receptions, no matter how great your stilettos are, they are not made for grass, sand, pebbles and cobblestones. They sink and get scratched. Wedges are the best choice to look tall at outdoor events.

The Nature Repellents
Other tips for outdoor receptions, especially garden party, don’t forget to deal with sunlight at noon and annoying bugs at night time. Wear sunscreen or bug repellent for every outdoor event. They come in nice perfume-like scented smells now.

The Poised Pose
Keep your poise during the bouquet throwing, ladies! Beware of ‘chaotic’ bouquet fight. Trust me, to fall on your high heels (or just simply fall), to rip your dress, or to make ridiculous faces is not something you wished to do in a wedding reception!

The Hunchback That Doesn’t Belong
Backpacks. Oh God why? WHY? If you have just arrived from a long trip straight to the event (however it is possible), maybe we could understand. But a worse fact about this backpack thing is because some people intentionally bring entertainment gadgets larger than their cell phones. How dull do you think your friend’s happiest day can be?? Unless you are a president with nuclear-launch button on your finger or a doctor expecting emergency calls, iPads and tablets at wedding receptions are just insulting.

The Problem of Being a Single Guy
To all single guys, please look for advice from a trustworthy female. You don’t have to make her do the shopping, but at least ask her whether you look okay. I’ve seen wrong stripped tie on wrong checkered shirt before, guys. And trust me, you never want to charm the ladies looking like that.

There you have some tips on how to be a great wedding crasher.

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