Sometimes They Are Just Too Skinny

Personally, I am not against people who are naturally very skinny. But sometimes, in the fashion industry, we do reach the point where we can say that some things are just too much.

As I saw in Osklen F/W 2013/2014 Fashion Show at Sao Paulo Fashion Week 2012. Most of the pieces of the collection were short dresses, so they showed legs. Yes, I’ve seen a lot of lean models before, they look best when they have toned legs, but the models in the show were not precisely like that. The models’ skinny legs were very much like twigs. They also wore chunky heels, so the looks were very heavy like their legs would break. It was very disturbing.

Honestly, through the entire runway show, I almost didn’t pay any attention to the clothes. What I saw were the models’ knees when they were walking, they were kind of trembling, like they were going to fall. See the video HERE to compare them with the photos.

I think we should really encourage the fashion industry to promote more healthy body images. I understand that being extremely thin doesn’t always indicate that those people are sick. Maybe they can lift more weights than I can, or maybe they can run faster than me, but their body images certainly don’t say so. And whether you like it or not, I have to admit that this industry is all about images. Please don’t send more false messages to the viewers. Why can’t they create more elaborate healthy images? We can put our healthy minds inside healthy-looking (and truly healthy) bodies. Yes we can!

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