Kira’s Song

Attended a dance showcase by Gigi Art of Dance yesterday, to cheer on my sister, who was one of the performers. Honestly, I was not really into dancing, I had absolutely no idea about dancing. But this show was more likely a musical with story lines and songs, and I happened to be a musical theater enthusiast.

Also, I was easily related to the subject of the story; against animal abuse and circus. I am an anti-circus. I am against exploitation of wildlife animals for human’s profit in unnatural ways.

I took the whole theme for my dress code; dance & arts, animals, nature & green, circus & colors. Aaaanndd proud to support Indonesian Local Brands from neck to toe! (because the hairband is from Zara :D)

Malisha Dress – Fashionistas, Tree Green Wedges – UP, Olla ClutchCiciero, Rose Bracelet – Bittra & Starr, Hairband – Zara

PS: See the dancing video here (youtube). Sorry for the other dancers, but it’s all about about my sister :))

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