Seba’s Stone

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 is here, taking place from 3-9 November 2012 at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. The grand opening was marked by fashion shows under the theme “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow”, featuring two designers; Indonesia’s own Sebastian Gunawan and Lie Sang Bong from Korea.

Representing Indonesia for the most significant curtain-opening show seems really appropriate for Sebastian Gunawan, since he is a superb designer who needs no introduction. He has been celebrated as the creator of unique concepts and techniques. And his collection for this event was no exception.

Presented for this honorable show was a collection inspired by stones. The inspiration was revealed in gravel prints and patterns, which offered unusual option from the widespread floral and abstract ones.  The pieces were in monochromatic cut up leather; a legendary palette to create timeless, classic and elegant looks. Also inspired by Indonesian women themselves, the collection applied laces for handsome femininity and exquisite silhouette to celebrate each woman’s beauty. Dresses, cropped jackets, and pants in Sebastian’s signature architectural designs created edgy modern looks, along with statement hats introducing a way to achieve a new level of class.

This breathtaking collection of Sebastian Gunawan’s set a high standard of what to expect for the next six days. With this tremendous opening, people deserve at least the same quality of magnificence or even more. Even if the expectation is exaggerated, Seba’s Stone collection will always be unforgettable.

♥ NB: The white tail hem dress is one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen ♥

Photos from Jakarta Fashion Week, Fashionese Daily, and FIMELA.

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