Meow From Beyond

Today is my beloved cat’s birthday. If I had not lost her last January, she would be 3 years old today. Every year I make a big deal upon her birthday, buying gifts and fancy dishes, because Ponta is not only a pet. She was a great accompany and the best friend. She was beautiful and her cat-titude was adorable. Everybody loved her.

Now that she has gone, I wonder what I should do for her birthday.  I care so much about stray cats because Ponta herself was a stray cat’s offspring. I took in her great-grandma from the street. So, at first, I had this idea of going around giving food to stray cats in my neighborhood. But then came these articles about animal shelters in Jakarta volunteering for stray cats and dogs.

Therefore, starting this year, I pledge to donate on behalf of Ponta’s name to those various animal shelters. I really think it would be much a better idea to celebrate her birthday every year. And one day, when I am blessed enough to be a millionaire, it would be my personal obsession to initiate my own animal shelter.

Happy birthday, Ponta. I love you forever and I will always pray for you. Thank you for being the best friend I have ever had ❤ ❤ ❤

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