Recycle Spirit

I went to a local neighborhood festival where my friend, an accessories designer, opened a booth and I didn’t miss my chance to get some pieces for myself. Her products were both ethnic and statement pieces, two things that would absolutely catch my attention. They were entirely handmade, skillfully and thoroughly sewn with least amount of glue used so they were neat, no sticky clutter indeed. They were more exceptional because –this is why I adore her products the most– they were made from recycled materials; shoe laces, buttons, ragged fabrics, etc.

To be noted, the fact that all of these accessories were made from recycled materials makes every single piece is one-of-a-kind. Some pieces of fabric leftovers for one piece and that’s it! Very tricky to find the exact same colors, same fabrics, and same patterns to make the exact same accessories as if you buy brand new materials in bulks. Don’t you just love to have a piece that nobody else can have?

And one more pro, I got some pretty discounts too!!!

These babies are great catch! Totally worth the price!! Love, love, love……

Necklaces from Uri Pertiwi Jewelry & Accessories


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