More Union Jack, Please…

I really love how people in London always celebrate their nation. Last year they had the Royal Wedding and this year they had the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Always with the same traditions; parades, services, balcony appearances and the sea of people marching down the London’s roads. And what is the most important part of costumes to be one of them? Of course, the Union Jack flags. This flag will be all over the nation whenever an occasion goes on.

Photo from Royal Wedding occasion in 2011

I am a huge fan of Union Jack pattern myself. I think it’s unique and applicable to anything, isn’t it? And I think a lot of people in the world, who are not happened to be British, do agree. Union Jack is the more popular flag pattern beside the America’s flag because it is literally on everything, from the flag itself, to beddings and fashion items.

So, as one of the biggest retail stores from UK, Debenhams brought the celebration to all over the world by having a special sale on stuffs that are ‘very British’. Like this one I saw at Debenhams Senayan City, Jakarta.

Actually, they didn’t only sell Union Jack and Royal Family memorabilia, but also The Beatles and two most popular football team, Manchester United and Chelsea. Sorry for the lack of photos.

Red mailbox to enhance the British atmosphere

Red telephone box and double-Decker mini purses that are too cute to ignore

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