First Anniversary

On 12 June 2011, I decided to make a fashion blog. By that time, nothing came to my mind about fame, appraisal, influence, reputation or free stuffs I could get if I had became a fashion blogger. I made this blog for one purpose only: as a portfolio. Yes, since I determined to work for fashion industry back in my final college year, I knew that neither of my GPA (no matter how high or low it was) or my political organizational experiences from my major in college would matter if I didn’t have any testimony of my enthusiasm in the fashion world.

Through ups and downs, routine article to long absence, photos and words, my blog was successfully continued for a year. Alongside with responds and feedbacks, and even a few friends shared their own blogs, I began to take this thing more seriously day by day. It’s now no longer just a portfolio, because blogging turns out to be one of many ways you can tell people what is in your head.

For me, to blog is to share your mind and thoughts about things. So it’s better to make time to really write, with plans, designs or even researches and everything. I do not rush in preparing articles because I want my blog to be so much more than just photos of me wearing outfits and captioning every piece. There is a lot in fashion to experience, to learn and to give your opinion into.

Over the first year, well mostly just on the first months :), blogging gave me some exciting experiences. Tiring photo shoots (which came totally useful when I worked as Editorial Assistant at Fashion TV Magazine Indonesia), took 50 and more frames just for 3 pictures to put on the blog, asked my own friends to model and brought my own properties. But they all paid off when you got good comments and more views. By blogging you were also like taking a complete fashion course as stylist, writer, editor, photographer, publisher, etc.

Now I really like to talk my friends into blogging and sharing experiences. Fellow rookies will totally have these things too and nothing feels better than exchange stories, especially when your friends’ blogs cover different topics beyond your own little world.

Happy blogging!

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a fashion blogger.
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