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Sunglasses are among the most essential fashion items everyone must have. Therefore, the perfections for the designs nowadays are beyond their actual function itself. For every sunglasses have the same purpose, people differentiate by choosing different unique designs of them.

Now, I’m not playing Anna Wintour to tell you what should be a trend and what shouldn’t. I’m just sharing my humble opinion about sunglasses styles that will be hot this year.

1. Very round-framed sunglasses. A literal circle frames as Harry Potter’s glasses. (Below: Miu Miu 13HS Gloss Violet and Black Lenses and Chanel Half Tint Sunglasses)

2. Statement sunglasses with unique, weird, or extreme handle designs. To choose such unique-handled sunglasses will be a little tricky; choose the right unique design and you will be artistically edgy, but choose a wrong interpretation of ‘unique’ and you will wear tacky costume-like sunglasses. (Below: Victoria Beckham Rose Gold Sunglasses and Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses)

3. A mix of aviator and bold-framed designs. These sunglasses have very thin handles (like the ones on aviator sunglasses), but the frame around the glasses are thicker like a classic bold-framed sunglasses (nothing like aviator’s frames), and the handles are usually placed right on the middle sides of the frames. (from left: Tom Ford Butterfly-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, Tom Ford Ace TF 152, Miu Miu Sunglasses)

4. Cat Eyes. They’re literally everywhere. From local celebs to Lady Gaga, everyone is wearing these sunglasses with slightly sharp-pointed frames. (Below: Alexander Wang Linda Farrow Cat Eye Sunglasses and Miu Miu Noir Glitter Porpora)

5. Bold-framed sunglasses with a flat topside frames, sometimes accented with metal. (Below: Marc Jacobs Round Face Sunglasses)

6. Classic sunglasses with black bold frames. Never going out of style! (Below: Prada Summer Sunglasses 2011)

There you go, the trend for sunglasses in 2012. Let’s see if some of them make a continued  statement in 2013.


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