It’s New Year, and it’s time to change your planner to organize your daily agenda!

Why not starting your day with this super cool silicone cover agenda from Lego? I bet there’s no one in your office has agenda as exceptional as this one.

Covered in Lego’s genuine one of a kind round bumps, you’ll be like carrying a giant-yet-cute Lego brick. But instead of solid plastic, this brick is made from silicone rubber which makes this agenda is lighter than the actual giant Lego and absolutely cooler. The two different colored plates are multifunctional, to be used as decorations or as seals to lock your agenda just like a diary you had as a little girl.

Lego Agenda is IDR 350,000 at (ak ‘sa. ra) Bookstore Kemang, Jakarta.

And look, Lego also have digital cameras too! It’s too cute!

(Lego Agenda photos in white background and digital camera image are from eBay)

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