Stand UP for Literacy

UP Shoes has again launched its limited edition design, called Pandora Fuchsia.

UP Shoes has already got several colors for these Pandora shoes, but Fuchsia ones are very special. They’re colorful and playful, as usual, but they have a noble purpose along. Pandora Fuchsia were launched specially to support a charity called Yayasan Literasi Bangsa, a foundation running to boost interest in reading and battle illiteracy in Indonesia.

The color itself is eye-catching, and the bows make it so youthful, yet they’re kinda hard to mix and match. But I ordered them anyway because I like the spirit of the charity. From the price IDR255,000, 25% is donated, and IDR5,000 is also donated routinely to their own charity that has been going longer before. The sum is huge! Nothing feels better than shopping pretty shoes and doing charity at once.

Not to forget, the design was planned to be limited. I love having limited editions because they are more special. The Pandora Fuchsia add my limited edition and sold out UP Shoes collection.

To see the other colors of Pandora, or any other playful designs, visit their website here. Available for people in Indonesia and all over the world.

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2 Responses to Stand UP for Literacy

  1. fettyasihta says:

    Fuschia is so lovely! 🙂
    But I’m confuse between Fuschia or Sailor or Nina Denim or Stella Stripes?? Give me suggestion please……. 😉

    • So first we have Fuschia, which I think they are so hard to mix and match for the popping pink color. And then there are Pandora Sailor with 3 colors! But I always think red and blue always go along. So Sailor are ‘friendlier’ but for now I still suggest Fuschia for the good cause of charity. Stella, uhmm too ‘catalog’ for me, too out there. Nina have more edge, I’d choose Nina Denim.


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