If I Wrote a Book…

If I Wrote a Book, It Would be….

• A novel like Margaret Mitchell’s (author of Gone With The Wind); a once in a lifetime work. I would only have one book, but it would be an epic story.

• A romantic love story with complicated characters.

• A period drama story, with glamorous costumes and majestic settings.

• A well-observed history-based story.

• A classic tale of princess and the pauper (I actually like this idea more than a Cinderella syndrome tale).

• A story with France or England’s monarch, back to their middle-ages era, as the setting.

• Decorated with illustrations. Both on the cover and on each chapter’s first page just like the ones in Harry Potter series, so people could have a hint of my point-of-view.

• Written in classical poetic grammar.

• On top of the ‘Best Seller’ list!!!

• Then adapted into a movie 😀

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