Bag of Tips of Bags

“It’s called a purse and as every woman knows it can hold just about anything, from a bottle for a baby, to a check for protection, to a gift for a new friend. Whatever you find inside, there’s one thing you can be sure of, every purse says something about the woman who owns it, whether she knows it or not.” – Mary Alice from Desperate Housewives.

From the ultra-mini clutches the Hollywood actresses wear to the Oscars (which made you wondering, what could they bring in it?), to an average big handbag you will in all probability find anything (from keys, wallet, phone, cosmetics, a bottle of water, a magazine or book, etc.), to a magical tiny pouch that holds everything impossible like Hermione’s.

Bags and purses have been a woman’s best friends for years. They always have everything you need at a time and they accompany you anywhere you go. It’s time to make your bags your partner-in-crime and look good together.

Here are some tips:

• Consider the situation of places you’re going before choosing which bag to accompany you. Please don’t grab a backpack to a party nor a clutch to the gym.

• The moment of ‘always match the color of your bag and your shoes’ has expired long time ago. Nowadays, bags are important statement accessories. You can choose the brightest color to pop your style.

• The trend of “the bigger, the better” may be quite thrilling, but keep remember to avoid backs and shoulders’ pain and injury caused by heavy handbags. Carry a handbag that is or less than 10% of your weight.

• If you need much room to store your stuffs, choose tote bags, Boston bags, or any one sack bags. But ensure that your bag has a wide adjustable strap to help in weight distribution. Shift the bag from one shoulder to the other frequently to prevent excess strain on one shoulder.

• If you are untidy, prefer a bag with many compartments to keep your stuffs separated tidily

• If you are not the type of person who carries everything anywhere, purchase smaller bags so that once you have put in the essentials, there’s not much space left to fill up with knick-knacks!

• Do not carry unnecessary items in your bag. De-clutter your bag as often as possible. Make a list of the items that you absolutely need to carry and stick to that list, if needed.

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