Fashion Assistant Dream Jobs

“Fashion is a tough business, but working hard can get you to where you want to be.” – Mo Macy, eHow Contributor

Believe it or not, my dream job is a fashion assistant. That may sound less enthusiastic when everybody is trying so hard to be on top. But I do believe in process and transformation, and I will not be on top if I didn’t start at the very bottom. The world of fashion is a tough one to break into, even more to work my way up. I think being an assistant is one way to get up close and personal with people in your chosen field.

I’ve been dreaming of some kind of jobs. For example, I would love to apply as a Fashion Stylist Assistant (a Taylor Jacobson and Brad Goreski from Rachel Zoe Project wannabe). I love a stylist’s job of designing a look and choosing accessories. I don’t mind at all doing more of the hands-on work, from organizing clothing items, ironing, to helping the model put the outfit on correctly as long as I can work for someone great as Rachel 🙂 plus I can also learn to make creative decisions and get to know the clients.

Another dream job, a Fashion Editor Assistant like Anne Hathaway’s Andie in The Devil Wears Prada! Back to my early college years, I was so used to strict deadlines, multiple tasks, and hectic days. I can say I was so good keeping them organized and running on time. Handling phone calls and getting coffees will be a piece of cake when I can build a network with every important person in fashion industry in return.

But one job I have a doubt on in a Fashion Designer Assistant. If I had to handle schedules, phone calls and travel, that would make no problem at all. Problems come up when I have to help designing clothing from scratch, making pattern, and sewing. I am horrible at drawing and handcrafting!

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