I Love Fashion Because I Hate Horrors

This is my weird personal fashion quotes. This thought came when I watched ‘Hostel 2’.

Whenever I watch horror movies, I can never understand why do people so eager to ‘open-up’ a person and just pull anything out in a bloody mess. Is what inside your stomach so interesting that you really need to see the actual heart, liver, colons, and everything bloody? Because they seem to really enjoy themselves watching those.

Arrggh, I couldn’t stay sit down during that movie. Horror films are always dark and the people in it seem never happy. So while watching, I was so pleased that the choice I made as my passion in life is the beautiful, colorful, and the blissful part of our lives, an absolute opposite of darkness and sadness.

I would rather spend my day thinking of what are beautiful to put on you instead of stabbing and pulling out anything inside of you.

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