Thank God I’m Not a Model

As any other little girl, I used to dream becoming a model. I wanted the alluring life and the fancy dresses a model get. So I was really jealous to the tall, long-legged and lean girls, yet I still like to watch modeling shows such as America’s Next Top Model. Yes, I know in my lifetime I could never be a model. I really understand that I don’t have what it takes to be a model, but it doesn’t mean I have to hate fashion.

I made up my mind to be a stylist, a writer, a buyer, or anything to do with concepts. That’s why I started to learn by doing blog, and ever since then I am so grateful that I am determined to be what I am now instead of being a model.

Why don’t I want to be a model anymore? Simply because I don’t wanna be yelled at 🙂

Stylists, designers, and photographers are sometimes very domineering :). They want perfection no matter what and how, and the models are the ones who have to keep up with what they want whether it’s fun or depressing for them. I know that because I do all of those when maintaining my blog. If I didn’t like the result of today, repeating the whole process all over again would be the only option.

I prefer to be a director in a photo shoot so that I can take control of the scenes. I also remember how often I yelled to my models, hahahaha….. If I were a model, I probably wouldn’t be able to portray my visions.

I will be tremendously blessed if my learning of fashion came to success someday. I would rather be the one thinking of the whole concepts.

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