Choose a Handbag Quiz

How to choose a handbag that is right for you? Should you go for the ultra-sized carry-all, or the practical pocketbook? The best handbag for you is one that fulfills your needs, yet reflects your personal style. The following handbag quiz can help you determine which bag is best for you.

1. What do you usually carry with you?
a. Just my keys and credit card.
b. Keys, wallet, cell phone, makeup, and other assorted items.
c. What don’t I carry?
2. How would you describe your personal style?
a. Casual
b. Classic
c. Trendy
3. How would you describe your daily schedule?
a. Relaxed
b. Hectic
c. Always changing
4. Which of the following is more important?
a. Comfort
b. Practicality
c. Style
5. Which of the following best describes your shape?
a. Athletic
b. Curvy
c. Slender

Mostly A’s: You like to keep it simple, so look for a small bag that won’t cramp your style. Messenger bags or other chic over-the-shoulder purses are a great choice for you.

Mostly B’s: You are practical and always on the move, so you need a bag that reflects your busy lifestyle. Look for structured bags with many pockets to accommodate your always changing needs.

Mostly C’s: A big, bold bag is a great choice for your style and needs. Oversize bags are a great choice for the fashion-forward who want to stay on top of the latest trends.

I am a ‘B’ type.

Well, that’s just something I already know without taking the quiz. People around me know I carry big bags. But not just a big bag, since I easily put my stuffs disorderly every time. I can never wear a one-sack bag like a Longchamp Le Pliage. My bags have to have some separated pockets on it, or all of my stuffs will be stacked like dead fish inside.

Just a little tips to all of you who are as messy as me 🙂

* I also put a bag organizer inside my bag. Just to imagine how untidy I am *

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3 Responses to Choose a Handbag Quiz

  1. fettyasihta says:

    I’m the B one! 😉
    My camel bag looks like yours, without two pockets in fornt. So I can carry everything that I need, hihi ;p

  2. Me too….. I’m a walking hoarder 😀

  3. Tristin says:

    My friends are always surprised with what I can take out of my purse… Wipes, a sewing kit… books….. Notepads…. I even have snacks and gum in there! Probably why everyone loves me haha. I am also a walking hoarder lol….

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