Emma Watson: British Fashion Icon

The CFDA might have granted the fashion icon award to Lady Gaga. But if I had a vote, I would choose Emma Watson as the fashion icon of the month. Simply because her style is much… much… more sensible, and also with the opening of the last Harry Potter movie, it feels like this moment is hers. This year may be her time to step out of the character in which she has shown a huge transformation.

Seriously, how can this turn to that?

An icon should be an inspiration. She is inspiring because of the transformation she has been through without changing the real her. She is naturally beautiful without going under the knife. She is classy and never looks as trashy as the other young Hollywood stars who are trying too hard to get rid of their images as child stars.

Now that Emma has become a front row regular at Chanel and replacing Keira Knightley in Chanel’s perfume campaign, the face of Burberry, and the spokesperson for Lancome Beauty Campaign, it’s time to say goodbye to Hermione Granger’s messy red head and hello to fabulous.

She told Teen Vogue that she opts not to use stylists because ‘there’s nothing interesting about looking perfect.’ Do you really think she has no stylist?

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1 Response to Emma Watson: British Fashion Icon

  1. Anggi says:

    Keren banget si si Hermione ini! Eh, btw, sebelah kiri atas website ini kayaknya bisa dikasih sedikit dekor lagi deh, biar agak balance sama yang kanan dan nggak keliatan jomplang blanknya…

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