Gorgeous Military Jackets

Other than statement accessories, I think my signature style is layers. I like to put on jackets or blazers because they complete my polished look instantly. I also love to see women in trench coats, because they look so classy and elegant. Unfortunately, coats are not really appropriate here in my tropical hometown, but that doesn’t stop me to love them still. After all, it takes a little pain to look ultra stylish, right?

Military jacket is one kind of coats which I think has the most sophistication. Since it is inspired by a military uniform, it also adopts almost the whole details like the buttons, badges, or the buckles and transforms them into distinctive accessories.

(Above: Dorothy Perkins (2), Burberry Prorsum)

(Above: Alexander McQueen, Dorothy Perkins, Balmain)

(Above: French Connection, Matalan, Miss Selfridge, Topshop)

Some tips on wearing military jackets:

♥ Military jacket or coats are often full of details, so it fits classy and elegant look. To mix them with bohemian look is almost impossible.

♥ If the coat has already got a lot of details, minimize the accessories. The coat itself is an accessory.

♥ One of the military jackets’ plus point is the colors. They usually are available in deep and neutral colors; such as white, black, brown, khaki, and army green, which are great to wear over almost every color in your closet.

♥ Choose a military jacket with an A-line shape bottom to make the most on feminine look.

♥ Specially for all of you in warm countries, pick lighter material such as cotton instead of wools. Transform the function of the coat from a winter wear into an accessory.

♥ Wear them with studded and edgy accessories, yet keep it simple.

(Above: Belstaff military sack handbag, Dorothy Perkins black skater boots, Friis Company studded clutch bag, fedora hat)

See how gorgeous my Lady, Kate Middleton, in Alexander McQueen’s Military Coat

End Note: This piece of writing is dedicated to my best friend, Anggalia, whose love on military coats is beyond anyone else I know. Gi, I know you’ll be craving for those like crazy 🙂

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  2. I agree with your Gorgeous Military Jackets | THE FASHION APPRENTICE, great post.

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