British Royal Invasion

This is one of my obsessive writings about my idols. And yes, you can expect many more to come.

Kate Middleton is my new favorite royal lady. The Queen might not give her a title as ‘princess’ but people all over the world have already considered her as beloved princess.

The reason why I love her is because she has everything needed to be the queen of the world. The Miss Universe herself is out of Kate’s league.

Kate’s style really shows her class. For me, the term ‘classy’ is not based on how rich you are. Classy woman means smart woman, with good behavior and control of herself. Kate might not have a monarch blood, but her elegance and poise shows that she is as good as the royals.

This week, I created 4 looks based on Kate’s casual style. I choose her casual style because it is more various and applicable than her glam style.

In my opinion, it’s not too hard to channel Kate’s glamour looks. All you need to do is putting on a designer dress, and you’re done. Otherwise, her casual looks are much more affordable. You can mix and match the pieces you already have in your closet.

  • Coat or blazer over dresses
  • Boots and pumps
  • Natural wavy hair
  • English-style fascinating hat
  1. Burberry white trench coat
  2. Blue Alexander McQueen Coat
  3. Catherine Walker grey dress at Ottawa, Canada visit
  4. Engagement announcement blue dress by Issa
  5. And of course, the climax of her appearance, the wedding dress by Sarah Burton.

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