I always put tuxedo and suit as my biggest fetish, mostly because I really love to see men in their neatest looks. I am a victim of periodic drama movies where all the gentlemen are too good to be true 🙂

Yes, the word ‘fetish’ might be a little bit sexual, but isn’t that the main idea of getting dressed? Don’t we all dress up to attract the opposites? Women dress up to impress men, and vice versa. So it’s not impossible for fashion to lead to sexual senses. We tend to dress the way our opposites like to see, and we want them to dress the way we like. I think that’s how fashion becomes a sexy attraction.

So, in my ideal world, I picture this is how men style should be: clean, polished and sophisticated. And what suits that best but a suit? Guys, please take those examples…

I’ve seen men around me in their casuals, but when the put a suit on, something really change and they become so different. I have to admit that suits really bring out the best of men.

But, if putting on suits or a tux is too much and kinda impossible to wear in such warm weather, I did picture some alternatives on clean-cut looks for men. If only men around me wear these looks…..

The 7 great looks:

1. The Tuxedo, the classic ones may be so outdated but there are a lot of modern interpretations nowadays.

(photo: Jonathan Rhys Meyers at BAFTA Awards 2010)

2. Completely suited up

(photo: Burberry Men Autumn/Winter 2011, Hermes Men’s)

3. Coated. Change the jacket with a coat during winter days.

(photo: Hermes Men’s Fall/Winter 2008/2009)

4. Black on black. There’ll never be a new black for BLACK. Men in black are effortlessly chic.

(photo: Alex Pettyfer on Beastly movie)

5. Jacket only. When you’re not feeling very formal, you may leave the tie, but not the jacket. Wearing suit jacket over a casual t-shirt and jeans looks great too.

(photo: Burberry Men pre-fall 2011, Emporio Armani Men Fall/Winter 2011, J.Crew Men’s Fall 2011)

6. White shirt + black vest

(photo: DKNY vest and Ferragamo shirt)

7. Argyle vest for sporty look. One reason why I love preppy boys.

(photo: Ralph Lauren Merino Wool Vest)

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