The Cutest Couple Ever

This topic for free talk today may cause controversies. But I think it’s relevant to the celebration in NYC about the newly passed gay marriage bill, and I’m feeling to write about it. *please note that I am NOT responsible for your following curiosity about them after this article 😛 *

In spite of what they do for living as adult movie stars, Kyros Christian and Dillon Samuels are still the cutest couple in the whole world I know. Their love story seems so real, and in an interview they said it was love at first sight. Yes, they are a gay couple, but their romance has been an inspiration for me more than the straight ones’.

I myself have been an apathetic for love since a while ago. I don’t believe in commitment and romance and other things I can only see in a movie. I have seen enough broken hearts of myself and people around me. Plus, when I knew about them, my engagement was recently cancelled.

But then I saw their fan-made very romantic videos on youtube and somehow they opened my eyes to realize that romance is something real, love does exist, and you just need to find the chemistry. I envy their romance and wish someday I can have one too.

To let them know they’ve inspired me, I wrote to thank them. Unbelievably, Kyros actually read and replied, even when I bothered him by telling a whole stupid story about my break-up. He told me (as I quote), “…but I’m glad it opened your eyes to know what is real and what is not.” So nice!

This is my tribute for them. Someday, I really wish they could mention me as a friend, and not just a fan 😀

I adore you guys, you are such an inspiration for romance.


My favorite quotes:
“I like the way you’re everything I ever wanted.”
– Dillon Samuels
During an interview,
Question: What are you most proud of in world?
Kyros Christian: My relationship with Dillon.

PS: the reason why I didn’t choose my idol Kate Middleton as the cutest couple is because the idea of marrying a prince is beyond reality, she’s too perfect and the fairy tale love story doesn’t seem so real for people like me 🙂 . So I choose the more actual love story.

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1 Response to The Cutest Couple Ever

  1. krisan says:

    Wow true word!!!
    There is not much i can say that wasn’t already said. I too do not believe in fairy tale romance and I do not believe in movie love. I’m realist. Became a fan of kyros and Dillon after watching the interview and I must say how happy I am to know that I’m not the only one who was inspired by there . After encountering heartbreaks on so many levels I simply have up but kyros and Dillon prove that there is still hope.
    All I want to say is thanks much for writing this I’m really glad to know I’m not the only one who recognized their love. 🙂

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