Fashion is Something I Have to Learn

Recently, I changed my mind about what I want to do in my future. I decided to work in fashion, instead of working for the government following my politics study. And this decision got a lot of cynicism, both from me and people around me. Mostly because of 2 reasons: first, the major I’m taking in college is a contradictory of art and creative study, and secondly, everybody knows I’m not a stylish person.

Yes, my passion in fashion was not since ever. I wasn’t a enthusiast of fashion for quite some times because I didn’t think I could ever be a part of this. I used to believe that the only way to work in fashion was to be either a designer or a model. And since I was not tall and thin, yet I wasn’t really good at drawing, I could never be both.

But now my mind is opened. I know there are lot of careers in fashion, and if I start to learn I could get at least one chance. But learning fashion was hard for me at first. My only guides were magazines and my fashionable friends and sister as mentors. I learn fashion from the very beginning, starting with improving my sense and taste in fashion.

Because, unlike the other fashionistas whose fashion senses has grown since very young age, I didn’t grow up fashionably. I might not as fortunate as other little girls who were supplied with fashionable items since they were really young, or might have their own fashion stylist (maybe some were as fortunate as Suri Cruise?). I didn’t have a fashion sense when I was young, I dressed simply for purpose. I realized that I have to dress more proper since I started college, and I made budget from my saving to collect fashion stuffs.Now -slowly but sure- I’m getting more and more confidence in this field every single day. I’ve established approval from my more stylish sister, good comments, and supports from my friends. I’m very thankful for them. They surely support my belief that my dreams might not only be just dreams anymore, they could come true.

Finally, as I quote from Ugly Betty’s Blog “to inspire at least one person”, I hope I can do the same to people like me who doesn’t think they may have future in the fashion world just because they think they are not fashionable. You can always be good at something as long as you are willing to learn 🙂

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