Thank You for Supporting

Hello everyone,

This is my third week blogging, and so far I have received many comments, both positive and negative. I’ll take all as constructive feedback. No hard feeling, instead I feel so blessed they remind me every time. From all inspiring comments, the top two are about the amount of my postings and the way I write my article.

About the first one, some people said I should write more and more, because the amount of my postings is too little.

*Tears…* I can’t do anything about that. As I said before, it is impossible for me to do this daily. I have to share time with my study. This is the best I can do. But I’ll try to improve my efforts by adding more posts every week.

The second top comment is: my postings are not ‘fashion’ enough.

Honestly, I haven’t found any way to deal with that. But I have to admit that my article writing style is so political. Well, the fact is I am a politics student and whether I like it or not, it is in my blood. I have done a lot of political writings, so I guess that writing style will never coming off of me 🙂

But let me keep learning. This blog is my way to improve my fashion sense and my fashion writings at the same time. I’m taking any advice from everyone’s comments.

(Hey, I’m thinking what if I invented my own style: POLITICAL FASHION ??? 🙂

Nevertheless, I appreciate every comment coming to me. It supports me in many ways to keep doing this while learning to be better. So all I can say is THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING ME.

Behind the scene for this week’s photoshoots

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