Gifts Go Green

The example gifts above was for my boy friend. Inside was a carved pen in a rectangular box.

Have you got yourself an invitation to a birthday party next week?

Before you get your gift wrapped in beautiful yet expensive papers, always remember this: most of people unwrap their presents by tearing the paper off and then toss it to the trash right away. So it is more likely you waste your money for nothing.

Maybe some people keep the paper as souvenirs, but more people don’t. So why spending money on something they will throw away? You can save money and the environment at the same time by reusing old newspaper.

As for me, I always give presents in old newspaper wrapping. There are a lot of tips to make a beautiful wrapping from old newspaper, so your present will not look as bad as when you think of newspaper wrapping.

Start now! Save money, save the environment, and boost your creativity!


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