I love when being asked what my beloved bags (or shoes, or dresses, or accessories) are, because I never get stuck with one brand only so that gives me a chance to share my references. Remember, to like a brand doesn’t mean you have to splurge more than your budget. If you can’t afford some designers pieces, then don’t stop being imaginative. Take a look at some of their collections and make them as inspirations to make your own off-the-runway style.

Here are some of my inspirations, and always remember to include your own signature style.

Preppy (or Professional) Looks

For professional and preppy look, hands down for Burberry. Nothing’s compared to Burberry. Burberry is the BEST! The collections are always classy, classic, timeless, and the coats are inspiring.

Classic Looks

Salvatore Ferragamo and Chanel. Ferragamo’s collections are dominated by classic and simple yet elegant pieces, in nude or brown colors, an absolute requirement to be classic. And so are Chanel’s collections in its signature black and white pieces.

Casual Looks

Marc Jacobs! Take inspirations from his mischievous and colorful designs.


Aarrgh! For this kind, I can never desire just one name. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Alexander McQueen, Up Shoes, etc. One thing for sure: I’ve only got ONE pair of sport shoes! I need anything to be sky high!


I like the shapes and details of Marc Jacobs’ Stam Bag and Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bag. Mainly for me, I like bags with details and pockets since I am not very organized.


For men fashion, I love to see them in Armani and Burberry, exclusively their suits collections. Hell yeah, nothing can ever go wrong with MEN and SUITS! Boys always want girls to strip down, but girls want boys to dress up so suits are the best to discern the man among the boys.


STATEMENT JEWELRIES RULE! Anything in my jewelry drawer has to be big and dazzling. Need one designer whose necklaces and bracelets state more than others? It’s Lanvin!


I love taking inspirations from Marchesa, Elie Saab, and Zac Posen. Their dresses make any woman a princess!

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