MIKE TOMPKINS – Check Him Out!

Mike Tompkins, is the most brilliant beatbox and acapella artist. He has made a lot of hit song covers and the videos he made for his cover versions are amazing.

You can’t get enough of just one song by him. He covered a lot of songs such as Katy Perry’s Firework and Teenage Dream, Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, Maroon 5’s Misery, Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, and many more.

I wonder why he is not a superstar yet, with multi-platinum albums. He is extremely talented, he can actually sing, he is soooo cute, and he is an absolute star material.

In one of his video, I found how he made three different preppy look in jeans and gray fitted-shirt just by changing the tie for vest and sweater vest. I love men in clean-cut look!


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