Whenever I am asked to speak in front of audiences, the first thing comes to my mind is: which ring should I wear?

It is important to choose just ONE statement accessories, because when you have to perform a speech, you cannot wear everything from your jewelry drawer. Every kind of speech, both informal and formal, matters for itself. It means, people come to hear what you are going to say, not to see what you are wearing. So public speaking is not a runway thing, but you can always make a style out of it. Just remember to look good, make people attracted to you, but do not let your look overshadow you bright-minded speech.

You can choose one statement jewelry; a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring. But I strongly suggest wearing a statement ring for your performance. Statement ring is the best accessories since you will be holding a microphone when you are speaking, making presentation, giving lecture, or singing. Even without a microphone, when we speak in front of audiences we are likely to move our hands a lot. That’s why our hands will be the focus of the audiences’ attention and a statements ring will give you more and more attention.

Statement jewelries are my signature style. I am known for wearing huge accessories at any events, and I love them. However, wearing the right and bold accessories is the fastest way to make people notice you -in a good way of course- and you can wear them anywhere, but never forget to make sure about the balance of your look.

In this photo:
Statements rings: House of Harlow 1960, Forever 21, Ebay
Model: Sifa Faridah
Photo: Pradnya Cinantya

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a fashion blogger.
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